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Gramin Medical College & Hospital

Rgisterd by - Government of India and Affiliated by NIMS UNIVERSITY

Gramin Medical College & Hospital

Under Act 1956, Section 25 of

Government of India

(Self financial Autonomus Body).

Dear Learners,

GMCH (Gramin Medical College & Hospital) is an Autonomous Body. Under Act 1956 of Government of India, GMCH is Joint venture with AKL Group which serves the people since 1997 for the product of Medical Equipment, Banking Automation system, Electronics Industry, Business Development Consultant, Hospital. Not in the purview of letter passed by Government of India –Ministry of Health & Family Welfare New Delhi, Government of India – Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) New Delhi, Government of India –University Grants Commission(UGC) New Delhi, Government of India – Medical Council of India (MCI) New Delhi.

We are opening a Unique Course which is the first time in Eastern Zone to develop our Gramin Health Infrastructure.

In our Country in the context population the number of Doctor is inadequate to serve the patient by rendering proper treatment in proper time for shortage of doctor mainly in village area. We are trying our best to provide at list one doctor in each village to save the life as well as save our money and time. So make friendship with AKL Group.

Thanking You,